9 Colorful Hairdos Modelled After Iconic Works Of Art


Ursula Goff may be a hairstylist by day, but by night she's an artist and appreciates classic art. She began her passion for art aged just five years old. When Goff started dying hair, she approached it the same way she would approach putting paint on a canvas, which gave an extremely unique look. As part of a new project, Goff has dyed a number of people's hair in the style of iconic works of art. We've got to say that the results are breathtakingly awesome! Take a look at these gorgeous dye jobs and prepare to get some serious hair envy!
Website: Ursula Goff


'The Scream' by Edvard Munch

Ursula Goff


'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh

Ursula Goff



'Red Canna Lily' by Georgia O'Keeffe

Ursula Goff


'Marilyn Monroe' by Andy Warhol

Ursula Goff


'Water Lilies' by Claude Monet

Ursula Goff


'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt

Ursula Goff


'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer

Ursula Goff


'Drowning Girl' by Roy Lichtenstein

Ursula Goff


'The Birth of Venus' by Botticelli

Ursula Goff

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