Talented Canadian Baker Darci Creates Amazing Cakes And Here’s 30 Of Them

A centerpiece for any special occasion, a cake shouldn’t only be toothsome but should be beautiful as well. This is why pastry chefs also require creative artistic talent, in addition to baking skills, to whip up amazing cakes. We’ve featured a lot of visually appealing cakes before. From realistic plant cakes to colorful brushstroke cakes to embroidery cakes and galaxy-inspired cakes, you might think you’ve seen the best of amazing cakes. But wait till you see the unique creations of Canadian baker Darci. And if you happen to be a dog lover then you’re in for a delightful treat.

darci amazing cakes golden retreiver

Darci, the talented baker behind the pastry studio Kake, has been creating gorgeous-looking cakes mostly for wedding occasions. Depending on the couple’s preference, Kake Studio ensures that personal attention and care is given to every personalized cakes. The cake shop has created various types of custom cakes in either buttercream or fondant frosting. When it comes to design, Kake by Darci has one of the most stunning selections of aesthetically pleasing cakes. From exquisite floral cakes to quirky ‘just for fun’ cakes, Darci can bring your ideal cake into reality. But among Kake’s vast range of amazing cakes, one particular cake seems to stand out. When the pastry shop posted the photo of a wedding cake featuring a tiny figurine of a golden retriever, the said photo suddenly went viral.

“The golden retriever cake was for a wedding planner that is local here (Rocky Mountain weddings) and her clients wanted their dog to be pet of the day!”, Darci shares. “I also have a dog that is newly adopted, his name is Kiwi and he is 14. He is my life and I think including fur babies into cakes is a fantastic idea! Everyone should do it!”

People just can’t help but fall in love with the simple yet adorable design of this particular cake. Using a plain white icing on the cake, Darci made sure that the main highlight was the dog. And the design was indeed successful. To add a comical touch, Darci made it appear as if the cute dog has been caught chewing off some part of the cake. With its icing-covered snout and guilty eyes, it was truly an adorable sight to behold.

In addition to this unique wedding cake, there are also other equally appealing cake creations that will surely please your eyes. We’ve picked out the most elegant, most creative, most whimsical, and most unique creations out of Darci’s line of amazing cakes. You can also follow Kake by Darci on Instagram to see the shop’s latest creations. If you live within Banff, Canmore, Lake Loiuse, Kananaskis, and Calgary, you can avail of Kake’s personal delivery service. But if you’re not, then you can only stare at these amazing cakes in photos.

darci amazing cakes northern lights


darci amazing cakes black dog


darci amazing cakes cute hedgehog


darci amazing cakes tree trunks


darci amazing cakes books


darci amazing cakes flower slice


darci amazing cakes black pines


darci amazing cakes white pines


darci amazing cakes totoro


darci amazing cakes green geode


darci amazing cakes piggy balloon


darci amazing cakes rainbow melt


darci amazing cakes white lace


darci amazing cakes tree trunks with glass house


darci amazing cakes black with gold pattern


darci amazing cakes purple pink


darci amazing cakes white flowers


darci amazing cakes tree man face


darci amazing cakes cute bunny


darci amazing cakes snowy green pines


darci amazing cakes nature-inspired design


darci amazing cakes black thistles


darci amazing cakes unicorn golden horn


darci amazing cakes flower design


darci amazing cakes alpine sunset


darci amazing cakes pink pineapple


darci amazing cakes wildlife


darci amazing cakes cactus


darci amazing cakes hole

Source: Kake by Darci | Instagram