This Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream Will Be Good On Just About Anything

Another dairy brand is about to set the standards a notch higher for our favorite topping. Gay Lea Foods has come up with a Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream. And it’s a dream come true for all s’mores lovers and dessert aficionados out there. Think about s’mores but in a whipped cream form. What more could we wish for? It’s our summer favorite contained in a canister!

It’s undoubtedly amazing how topping almost everything off with whipped cream can instantly make it better. Cakes, pies, ice cream, shakes, pancakes, coffee and chocolate drinks, and the list just goes on. Back in the days, whipped cream used to come in plain vanilla flavor. Now, there’s a variety of flavors to choose from, with less fat and nondairy options. It’s not any wonder why whipped cream has become a staple in most households.

Gay Lea Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream

Gay Lea’s Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream is a dream true for s’mores lovers and dessert aficionados out there

Gay Lea Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream Creative Product Shot


Gay Lea Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream with a Fireplace Background



And this Toasted Marshmallow flavor is the perfect way to add a taste of summer to all your favorite desserts. Unfortunately, just like the season, it’s not here to stay forever. Besides, this limited-edition flavor is available in Canada only. So, if you’re from the United States, you might need to travel way up north to get your hands on this variant. And you ought to do it quick! As the colder season comes, more people might stock up on these babies to pair it with their favorite hot drinks.





However, if you’re not willing to go the extra mile, fret not for there’s still a Gay Lea whipped cream for you. The coconut-flavored variant is currently available in the US markets. So, you may opt to get yourself that one instead for the meantime. Nevertheless, we still have our hopes high that the Toasted Marshmallow flavor will reach south anytime soon. Hopefully, it will be a year-round flavor by then. *fingers crossed*

Source: Gay Lea