Party On The Water With This Inflatable Table Which Includes A Built-In Cooler For Drinks

When you have nothing else to do, perhaps you can start planning for summer. It’s never too early to prep for summertime especially if you’re looking to have the best summer ever. And that could only be possible if you have this inflatable table with six straddle chairs attached to it. So, you and five of your friends can gather round the picnic table and chill for hours as you float on water.

What’s more, this table has a cooler located in the middle of the huge table top. Simply lift the center lid to reveal a pit that serves as a cooler. All you need to do is fill it up with ice cubes and pop in a few cans and bottles of your favorite drinks. The cooler also has a drainage port so you can easily release the liquid from the melted ice when it’s time to pack up.


This inflatable table has 6 straddle seats and a cooler

6-person floating picnic floater

And that’s not all. Each seat has a built-in cup holder molded right in front of the chair. So, everyone can have their ice-cold beverage at hand. Furthermore, each straddle seat has a high-back comfortable backrests. So you and your friends can float, chat and have a good time in comfort for hours.

inflatable table with six chairs and cooler


picnic floater with cooler

This table is made from heavy-duty cell foam with speed valves for fast inflation and deflation. When fully inflated, the entire floating picnic table measures 104 inches x 104 inches x 25 inches. Not all seats have to be full, you can have the table all to yourself. It is as stable with just one person as it is with six so there’s no problem if you go it alone.

6-person inflatable table


inflatable table with chairs and cooler attached

Each seat can support up to 220 lbs of weight and the cooler has enough room to hold up to 24 cans. Plus, it has a grommet for tying off if you prefer to anchor it out in a lake or the sea. The 6-person table comes in bright yellow/blue colors for increased visibility. You can also opt for the smaller version – the 4-person floating table that comes in red/white colors. Both versions include an anchor bag and rope to help you anchor it out and keep in place on the water.

4-person floater with chairs and cooler


4-person floating picnic floater


pool floater with four seats


picnic floater with built-in cooler


4-person inflatable table

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