Woman Gives Up Teaching To Create Mind Blowing Optical Illusions With Makeup

Many of us wear makeup on a daily basis. Some of us are really good at applying it, whilst others are admittedly not so good. However, here we present someone who is insanely skilled at the art of makeup application. Her name is Mimi Choi. Mimi trained as a teacher and worked in a preschool for 3 years. Although she enjoyed it, Mimi wanted a new challenge. From there she started experimenting with makeup brushes and it’s incredible how far she’s come.

Don’t take our word for it though, take a look below at some of the best optical illusions created with makeup we’ve ever seen and make your own mind up!

Mind Blowing Optical Illusions With Makeup

Mimi had always been arty. 

She had previously done bridal makeup but was not experienced in the crazy stuff she is able to create now. 

Mimi was able to flourish after enrolling at a local beauty college. 

When Halloween approached, she wanted to create something different with her skills. 

As you can see, there seems to be no limits to what Mimi is able to pull off. 

We are honestly blown away at the skill involved here. 

Mimi truly understands her canvas and knows how to perfectly execute a look. 

Some of her illusions are undeniably creepy, but we just can’t pull our eyes away! 

We would love to have our make up done by Mimi, but we would probably be afraid of our own reflection afterwards! 

Even the smaller pieces like this are astonishing! 

Halloween will never be a struggle for Mimi.

The way she manipulates make up is just incredible. 

This is one of our absolute favorites! 

We can’t wait to see what else Mimi comes out with in the future. 

And, don’t forget to check out her Instagram page! 

Source: Instagram