40 Heartwarming Pics Of Pets Lovingly Staring At Their Owners That Will Melt Your Heart

Unconditional love is something we can only get from our parents and our pets. Our animal companions may not be able to say how much they love us but they try to convey it through facial expressions. Just like humans, animals also express their emotions on their faces. They smile when they are happy and they frown when they are sad. And when they try to tell you how much they love you, they usually give you a loving stare. It’s as if they want to make you feel that you are sincerely loved.

So, dogs in particular are very expressive and they are also much attuned to our expressions too. They can sense their human’s current emotional state and adapt to it. This explains why they excitedly jump around you when you’re happy and try to console you with sympathetic eyes when you’re feeling sad. Therefore, their keen sense of human emotion makes them the most ideal therapy for people with depression or mood disorders. But dogs aren’t the only animals that can communicate with us though body language. Although originally aloof and independent, domestication has also changed some innate behaviors in cats.


Pets Lovingly Gazing At Their Owners

pets loving stare

Just like dogs, cats are also extremely adaptable to all kinds of different environments and lifestyles. Domesticated cats, opposite to their wild counterparts, are solely dependent on their humans. And their dependence on humans allows them to form a bond with them, just like a child to his parents. Since felines are known to be extremely territorial creatures, cats can sometimes become possessive of their owners. They tend to get jealous when they see their humans cuddling other pets. And they would do just anything to get their owner’s attention.


This Man And His Cat Staring At Each Other

pets and owners gazing at each other


“My Husband Couldn’t Have Pets Growing Up. When We Bought Our First House I Got Him A Little Surprise”

husband got a little kitten surprise


“We Brought Charlie Home A Month Ago Now And I Can’t Get Over That Look Of Pure Love In His Eyes”

pets showing pure love

But then again, this is not about cat-and-dog rivalry and which of them could give more love to their owners. Both of these animal companions love their humans in their own ways and neither give any less. The bottom line is that their love is special, regardless of the species. And it’s just heartwarming to see how they convey their body language of love through their eyes. Here are some photos of animals lovingly staring at their humans and these will surely melt your hearts.


“My Sister And Brother-In-Law Just Rescued A Kitten. Look At How Happy He Is! Enough Love To Make A Kitten Smile”

rescue kitten gives a loving gaze


“My Brother Took Our Cat To Prom”

prom date kitty


“The Face She Makes When My Husband Holds Her”

pets showing love through their eyes


“Just Adopted This Dude. His Name Is Tucker And He Is Good Boye”

adopted dog admires his owner


“Sometimes I Catch Her Just Staring And Smiling At Me. She’s My Precious Love”

pets smiling and staring


“She Wanted Me To Stop Working”

pets expressive eyes to get owner attention


“An Old Lady And Her Cat. Just Can’t Stop Looking At The Cat’s Expression”

cat and old lady gazing at each other


“Woke Up Today To Her Just Staring Me Down Purring”

cat staring down and purring


“The Way My Dog Looks At My Dad”

the way this dog looks at his dad


“He Was Purring The Entire Ride Home”

cat purring the entire ride home


“Just Rescued My Baby Girl From Being Put Down A Month Ago. Most Loving Dog I’ve Ever Known”

rescue dog lovingly stares at owner


“Me And My New Baby Tarzan”

rescue puppy lovingly stares at owner


“My Cat Never Leaves My Side. Someone Gave Me A Hoodie With A ‘Cat Pouch’ As A Gag Gift. She Rides Around In It Staring At My Face”

pets admiring their humans


“My Dad And My Kitty Honey Adoring Each Other”

pets and owners admiring each other


Pets Admiring Their Humans

little dog stares at his human


“We Just Adopted Bella And She Really Likes My Fiancé”

pets look of love


“Our wedding was cancelled, we are worried about our family members health. But atleast we have our first family member.”

cute puppy gives a loving stare


“Zoey Doesn’t Understand Social Distancing”

sweet dog gives a loving stare


“I Tried To Take A Funny Picture Of Her Chicken Wing Loaf But She Looked At Me And I Got The Sweetest Photo”

cat big expressive eyes


“I Had A Fairly Rough Day At Work Today. When I Finished, This Sweet Girl Wouldn’t Leave My Side. As Soon As I Laid Down, She Jumped Up And Hugged Me”

dog comforts her exhausted owner


“The Ride Home”

happy puppy ride home


“My Best Bud, Indy”

dog admiring his owner


“I’m Just Third Wheeling My Boyfriend And Darlene As Usual”

cat lovingly staring up


“Someone’s Happy I’m Home Every Day”

happy pets stay at home


“Cleocatra mirin her papa”

pets admiring their owners


“The Way My Girl Looks At Me”

puppy gives a loving stare


“Mitus Loving Grandma. He Is So Gentle With Her But Crazy Hyper With Anyone Else”

dog loves grandma


“Sadie Baby. Our First Foster Puppy. Look At Those Puppy Eyes”

cute puppy eyes


“Get You A Man Who Looks At You The Way This Chonker Looks At My Dad”

cat admiring human


“Meet Harper. She Likes To Lay On My Chest And Just Stare At Me Like This”

dog lays on chest and stares


“A Man And His Kittens”

kitten lovingly stares at sleeping man


“Get Yourself Someone That Looks At You The Way My Cat Looks At My Husband”

pets gazing at their humans


“Woke Up And This Was The View Two Inches From My Face”

dog staring two inches from face


“The Way She Looks At Me”

the way these pets look at their owners


“Maybe I’m Being Paranoid But I Think She’s Flirting With My Boyfriend”

cat flirting with boyfriend


“Simon, My Very Best Boy”

pets and humans admiring each other