Things From The 90’s That Will Leave You Feeling Nostalgic

Many people feel somewhat down when they think about the past. Time seems to progress so quickly and certain things we once loved fade away. Of course, the fashion trends and hairstyles of the past were on the strange side but there were so many wonderful things from years ago that just aren’t the same anymore. Here we have a list of awesome things from the 90’s that will leave you feeling nostalgic. These images bring back some great memories, although they are pretty bittersweet to look at.

When someone in your friendship group was the first to get a computer…

Things From The 90's computer games

Laptops, iPads and smartphones were not yet around…

Things From The 90's computers

You really wanted a Sega but got this instead…

Things From The 90's dendy

The hairstyles of the time period were rather questionable…

Things From The 90's funny haircut

Everyone thought ‘no tears’ was meant in the crying sense. It actually meant no tears in the hair strands!

Things From The 90's loreal shampoo

Mom always knew how to pass the hard levels.

Things From The 90's nintendo

Having a Nokia to play snake on was the bomb…

Things From The 90's phones

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The higher the shoes were, the better…

Things From The 90's platform shoes

You spent ages drawing this over and over again on numerous surfaces…

Things From The 90's s drawing

Even the simple pleasures for animals have changed…

Things From The 90's simple pleasures cat

Having a Walkman to listen to music on the go felt amazing.

Things From The 90's sony walkman

Choosing which of these to wear was a tough choice.

Things From The 90's stick on earrings

Tetris was one of the most well played games…

Things From The 90's tetris

These kinds of water toys kept you occupied for hours…

Things From The 90's waterful ring toss