Artist Rich McCor Creates Fun Paper Cut-Outs And Integrates Them Into The World Through Photography

Many cities around the world boast their very own stunning architectural landmarks which in themselves have become major tourist attractions. But British photographer Rich McCor (aka Paperboyo) has a different way of seeing these existing landmarks. By adding black paper cut-outs into the scene, he transforms iconic buildings and landscapes into fun objects.

Using the urban setting as the backdrop, he reimagines the city landmarks as something else. And he was able to bring his vivid imagination to life by incorporating paper cut-outs to complete the scene. The famous ‘paper thin’ skyscraper in Tokyo reimagined as a newspaper, a dome-shaped building in London reimagined as a turtle shell, and a blue building in Vienna reimagined as running water from a faucet. The artist brings his imagination to reality by holding black paper silhouettes that appear to interact with the surrounding.


Photographer Turns City Landmarks Into Amusing Scenes By Adding Fun Paper Cut-Outs

Paperboyo travels around the world in search for the perfect backdrop for his amusing paper cut-outs. With more than 520K followers on Instagram, this clever paper artist never ceases to amaze his fans with his whimsy imagination. Famous cities around the world have become his playground where he finds the opportunity to unleash his creativity and artistic talent.










The Paper Artist Visits Famous Cities Around The World To Find The Perfect Backdrop For His Paper Cut-Outs






















You can follow Paperboyo on Instagram to see what he’s up to and to get updates on which city he’s visiting next. Prints are also available for purchase on his online shop.

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