28 Intriguing Images That Will Leave You Open Mouthed

Here at Awesome Inventions, we love things that grab your attention. We’re talking everything from strange and confusing to stunning and breathtaking. There are so many things that exist in our world that we simply aren’t aware of. Here we have a fascinating collection of intriguing images that are sure to leave you open mouthed! It’s safe to say that there will be many images shown that you’ve never seen before. Take a look but be warned some of them are not for the faint hearted!

We hope that both animals walked away unharmed!

We can’t figure out why anyone would want to bring a chicken through airport security?

This is by far the most adorable aubergine we’ve ever seen.

We had never seen a gecko with 3 tails before!

Who doesn’t like bringing their raven on a casual subway ride?

This guy is fishing, however, there is no water and that is a ditch. He’s also wearing a life jacket and Burger King crown.

A helmet that allowed people to communicate when riding. It looks pretty cool but we doubt it would be safe.

This person was born missing their pinky finger.

You can tell this warrior has been involved in a fair few battles.

A lady bug with no spots!

What it looks like when a hornets nest forms around a wooden mask. This is so freaky!

This could be why women live longer than men…

Have you ever seen a lemon this gigantic before?

Nothing to see here. Just a mountain goat enjoying its natural habitat… on the edge of a large cliff!

We can’t speak for everyone here but we have found these images to be super interesting. Of course, there are some that haven’t made for the most pleasant viewing, particularly for those who are squeamish, but you still just can’t seem to take your eyes off of them! It’s pretty crazy when you stop to think about how many things you never knew existed, or occurred, around the world. There are many more intriguing images to come so keep scrolling to see more if you’re enjoying yourself!

A stunning orchid mantis. What a beautiful color!

A pimped up vehicle like you’ve never seen before…

This is kind of gross but also kind of awesome.

This is not something to look at if you despise creepy crawlies!

Someone with great artistic talent decided to paint a rock like a shark. We bet this has given plenty of people a fright!

How not to take a selfie. Example one can be found below!

What a banana looks like after months pass by…

When you buy a wooden chair but it suddenly starts sprouting…

We could be wrong, but, something doesn’t look right here…

Because who wouldn’t want three people spectating their toilet time?

This was spotted in Paris. We just don’t know what to make of it.

A tiger’s face in the print of a tiger. Can you spot it?

You can’t blame any spider for making a web in this pair of shoes, but we’re glad they aren’t ours!