SONIC’s Brought Back The Lemonberry Slush Float Which Combines Frozen Lemonade, Ice Cream & Strawberries

If you haven’t sipped on a SONIC slushie before, you’re definitely missing out. America’s drive-in has been whipping up some seriously thirst-quenching slushies over the years, and this summer is no different. It may come as a surprise, but the chain has already stopped serving their Red, White & Blue Slush Float before the Fourth of July. That doesn’t mean they are diving into summer without a special drink though! In fact, the this famous drive-thru is bringing back a familiar flavor that combines delicious and refreshing summer flavors! It’s time to welcome back the Lemonberry Slush Float!

The Lemonberry Slush Float was introduced on the menu a few years back. However, since the chain has a wide range of slush float offerings, the Lemonberry was taken off the menu to make room for new variants. This made plenty of people a bit unhappy, as the Lemonberry Slush Float had become a favorite. So, since they couldn’t just ignore their customers’ cries for the flavor, they began periodically bringing back the Lemonberry Slush Float as a limited offering. The last time fans got a sip of this triple treat sip was in December 2019, which is more then enough time for our taste buds to miss the slushie.

SONIC Lemonberry Slush Float

The Lemonberry Slush Float is back for a limited time

In case you haven’t tasted this triple treat, let us give the run down. The Lemonberry Slush Float consists of three layers of quintessential summer refreshments. It starts off with a layer of Frozen Lemonade Slush at the bottom. Then, the lemonade slush is topped with a layer of real vanilla ice cream. To finish off the float, real juicy strawberries are placed on top to complete the summery offering. Lemonade, ice cream and strawberries! Could you think of a better summer-themed trio than this?


This drive-in knows how to make summer cool

They will be begin serving the Lemonberry Slush Float on July 8th until August 2nd. So you’ll have to hurry over to your nearest SONIC to get your hands on this limited edition slush float. A medium size will cost you around $2.99, which is a total steal when you consider all the goodies layered up inside your cup.

America’s drive-in is definitely making sure that we’ll have a cool summer with their lineup which consists of the Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon Slush, Brownie Batter Shake, Yellow Cake Batter Shake and the upcoming Toasted S’mores Slinger! Any of these cool offerings will make a great partner for your Chicken Slinger sandwich that you can now have in either classic or spicy flavor. July 8th is a few days away, but our engines are so ready. Get your Lemonberry fix by ordering it through their App now!


Can you really refuse this loaded treat?