Paper Quilling Artist Yulia Brodskaya Auctioned One Of Her Beautiful Pieces To Help Aid Ukraine

Artists all around the world are expressing their support of Ukraine through evocative artworks to call for peace and stop the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian paper quilling artist Yulia Brodskaya has joined the cause by launching a fundraiser that will benefit non-profit organizations and charities currently working to help people in Ukraine. She has recently put one of her masterpieces up for auction where all profits will be donated to these charities.

The Russian artist, who is now based in the UK, dedicates the auctioned piece titled Sunflowers to Ukraine as she joins the call the stop the Russian invasion. The unframed 3D paper artwork depicts beautiful sunflowers carefully arranged in a vase. Brodskaya accentuates the vibrant yellow color of the flowers against the blue-hued background to represent the colors of the Ukrainian flag. It is made of edge-glued strips of paper, rolled and pinched into different shapes to create the 3D image.


Paper Quilling Artist Auctions Off Her Masterpiece To Help Charities In Ukraine

As one of the most influential paper quilling artists of today, Brodskaya has elevated the long-established technique to a whole new level. Many of her creations feature an astonishing combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to present a touch of impressionism. She offers her original paper creations and signed giclee prints of her 3D originals via her online shop. But this is the first time she is auctioning off one of her original creations.

The starting bid for the Sunflowers is £1,717 ($2,244) excluding shipping costs. Anyone can place their bid by emailing to [email protected] with the word ‘sunflowers’ in the email subject. Initial bids can be submitted until April 16, 2022 at which point all bidders will receive notification of the highest bid amount. All participants will then have the chance to place their ‘best and final bid’ until April 20.

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