22 Times IKEA Shark Plushies Were Seen “Doing Human Things” In Store

Remember the Blåhaj toys from IKEA? Well, these plushies were released by the furniture company last year and they quickly became a store favorite. It seems like the popularity of these shark plushies isn’t slowing down any time soon. Mainly because photos of the toy were shared on social media. One of the reasons why Blåhaj has become a star is because people put the toy in hilarious poses. While we thought the shark craze had come to an end. It seems, the IKEA shark plushies are back and these are making waves once again.


Why Are The Sharks Coming Back?

As the sharks were such a hit, IKEA used the toys in their Let’s Play! campaign. The aim of the campaign was to show that your home can also be fun. So, shark plushies were displayed around the store and while customers were shopping, they got a delightful treat. The toys were found by shoppers in unexpected places. Sharks were seen sitting around tables, reading books and more. It seems like you can find Blåhaj almost anywhere.

“Instead of a single kids play area, we’ve sprinkled our stores with several special children’s activities during Let’s play!” IKEA wrote in a statement. “One of them is Shark Trails, a fun treasure hunt in which our BLÅHAJ soft toy – and limited-edition baby shark version – are hidden all over the store. So grab a map and pop a mark on it each time you spot one of these iconic plush toys.”

Of course, people took plenty of photos. After all, shark plushies arranged in funny poses is one of the most amusing sights. Now, people just can’t get enough of these toys.


Here are some of the funniest photos of Blåhaj. So, let the hunt begin!













IKEA shark plushies are spotted doing human things in stores











Get an IKEA shark plushie here. With these toys you can also join in the fun. The sharks are available in two sizes 39 1/4 inches and 21 3/4 inches. Finally, let us know which plushie pose was your favorite?