With This Digital Nail Printer You Can Print Any Pattern Or Picture Onto Your Nails

All ladies can agree that nail art is serious business. It’s just as crucial in making or breaking your look like your hairstyle and makeup. Most ladies are content with keeping their nails neat and tidy, others prefer to go all out and over-the-top. Nail art enthusiasts see it as an extension of their self-expression. And since it’s always nice to get personalized things, O’2Nails have come up with a digital nail printer that can print any art you want on your nails!

O’2Nails has been introducing innovative ways to dress up fingertips since 2003. It all started when they introduced their O’2Nails Mobile Nail Printer V11 and changed the nail art game entirely. In fact, it sold so well that Forbes included it in its Top 10 Innovative Products in China at the 2017 CES. The device was also included on Yahoo Finance’s “Five of the Most Memorable Items at CES 2017” list. O’2Nails has reached over 100 countries, so you can definitely say they’ve become quite a big brand in the nail art industry! And now O’2Nails has upgraded their Mobile Nail Printer V11 again so that it you can print any pattern, picture or design on your nails as you please!

O'2Nails Digital Nail Printer in white surrounded by compatible devices it can receive pictures from


O’2Nails’ new digital nail printer lets you customize your nail art through your phone

The new version of the O’2Nails digital printer can be wirelessly controlled using the O’2Nails app. The app is available for both Android and iOs devices. The new O’2Nails app features a “nail style store” where you can choose what kind of design you’d like printed onto your nails. And to give you the perfect nail art, the new V11 will identify and adjust the print pattern according to position and shape of your nails. The smart nail printer prints with high-precision 2400 DPI resolution, which means no detail will be lost in whatever art you want placed on your nails.

O'2Nails Digital Nail Printer with nail shape detection and matching feature

This nail printer uses a SM10 Special Inkjet Cartridge. A single cartridge can print up to 800 nail art images, which should be ideal for nail salons and more than enough for individual users. The O’2Nails Mobile Nail Printer V11 is available in variety of colors like black, white, red and yellow.

Each unit is made out of ABS plastic and weighs 1.6 kilograms. The printer comes complete with an artificial nail holder, power adaptor (its power supply is DC24V/1A), cartridge, test paper and a user manual. Unfortunately, the Mobile Nail Printer V11 is currently sold out on Amazon. But you can definitely try your luck via their website! You’ll never go back to plain nail polish after this!


Change up your nail art whenever you want with this smart gadget




Source: O’2Nails