20 Design Fails That Will Give You A Good Laugh

Not everyone is gifted with great sense of style and creativity, so that’s why we hire designers. But sometimes things don’t quite go to plan and they end up being epic design fails. People trust the designers because they obviously know more about what goes best with what. But wait. Surprisingly, not all designers are really good at their job. Here are 20 design fails caught on camera that will make you laugh hysterically!

When designers get it so wrong

Just what the doctor ordered! A shower perfectly designed for people who broke their necks.

Either this was planned or it’s the best coincidence ever…

 Definitely one to laugh at! These kids better run carefully because it’s not easy to hold each other’s left hands.

Only introverts would want to spend their time there.

Whoever made this clearly has lots of experience behind a dozen more design fails.

The upside is that at least no one can just go right behind you without looking suspicious!

This bus ad is portraying a bad image towards drinking soda.

I wonder which animal planet has giraffes that look like that.

As well as producing web, Spider-Man can also fire out sheets of tissue.

Interesting advertising technique… 

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