Funny Dieting Photos That Prove The Struggle Is Real

There is no denying that although going on a diet can give you amazing health results, it can also make people go crazy. These dieting photos will make you realize you are not alone when it comes to dieting and the daily struggles. Studies show that over 50% of women went on a diet in 2017. It’s an incredibly rigid program to go through so there are people who try to make this situation as humorous as possible.

Here are some funny dieting photos that prove the struggle is real. They show the funny side of dieting, and if you have ever gone through that arduous task of losing weight, these photos can surely make you chuckle.


It’s a sign.

Now that is some ad.

When you vow to eat just one.

And when you have the best support system.

Or when you literally have no choice.

At least the Coke is diet. The only struggle here is whether you can finish it!

Try your best to count your calories.

Hilarious pictures of people trying to be healthy

When you are on a diet but you still want to celebrate.

When your significant other watches your weight for you.

The beauty of rediscovering cake after a diet.

The struggle is real.

This pretty much says it all.

I mean, you have to eliminate carbs.

You still need to keep the faith alive.

This is the kind of diet we would go for.

When you allow yourself to eat one chip.

When you’re hungry but you try your best to be subtle.


The Gods have spoken.

A little bite won’t hurt.

Will you accept this challenge?

A black shirt is much more slimming.

Last meal before you start your diet.

When you’ve been dieting for 29 days.

When your diet is over.

Trying to convince yourself that you’re not hungry.

The temptation is real.

When you’re on a diet but still want pizza.

Why diet when you can do this?

Going on a diet can be difficult but you don’t have to be too serious about it all the time. Enjoy life while you can. Try to live happy and healthy!