The ‘P is for Pterodactyl’ ABC Book Might Just Be The Worst/Funniest Alphabet Book Ever Made

Aisle. Knight. Tsunami. Wren. Don’t you think these words all have something in common? Yes, they are just among the unique words that the alphabet book P is for Pterodactyl features. It’s indeed an unusual but fun take on teaching English pronunciation, especially with its rather tricky words.

By shifting focus on homophones and silent letters, the alphabet book ushers in an effective way to teach kids advanced spelling. At the same time, the book can make teachers and word nerds alike laugh!

The book “P is for Pterodactyl” itself admits:

“Let’s get real?the English language is bizarre. A might be for apple, but it’s also for aisle and aeons. Why does the word ‘gnat’ start with a G but the word ‘knot’ doesn’t start with an N? It doesn’t always make sense, but don’t let these rule-breaking silent letters defeat you!”

p is for pterodactyl alphabet book

Written by Raj Haldar (a.k.a Lushlife) and Chris Carpenter, P is for Pterodactyl is an alphabet book that’s both educational and entertaining. With color illustrations by Maria Beddia, it makes weird words more readily understandable. Moreover, the book has alliterations all over, making your reading even more fun.

For example, the book has one section under the heading “G is for Gnocchi.” It has the following accompanying sentence:

“The gnome yells, ‘Waiter! There’s a bright white gnat nibbling on my gnocchi!’”

Well, the quirkiness of these words is quite understandable. Many of these words actually come from other languages, and we’ve just incorporated them into our English. For instance, “Gnocchi” is actually an Italian word, and it refers to a type of pasta. Meanwhile, the word “czar” means emperor in Russian.

All in all, you’ll most likely love this alphabet book as it’s an ingenious way to teach kids to appreciate English in all its uniqueness.

Do you think your kids will be more excited to read and study if they had P is for Pterodactyl? If so, you can provide them with the book. You can also level up their experience by letting them listen to the audiobook or download the activity worksheets, which are all available for free.

The alphabet book called P is for Pterodactyl is quite unique as it introduces the most weirdly pronounced words in English the fun way.

p pterodactyl alphabet book


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