This 2-Person Portable Steam Sauna Lets You Relax Wherever You Go

Working from home is a privilege that not everyone gets to experience. However, we also can’t deny that it can be just as stressful as working in the office. Fortunately, de-stressing from the comforts of your home is now easier more than ever. For starters, you can get yourself a portable bathtub and treat yourself to a refreshing bath after a long day of work. But if you prefer sweating all the stress and tension out, then you might want to consider getting a 2-person portable steam sauna instead.

Yes, you’ve read that right! This compact steam bath kit can accommodate two persons at a time. Aside from offering ample space for a full-body sauna, it also comes with slots for the feet on the side. So, as you enjoy a full-body sauna inside, your partner or friend gets to enjoy a relaxing feet sauna as well and vice versa. Likewise, if you’re going solo and don’t feel like steaming your entire body, then you can just dip your legs and feet instead.

portable steam sauna for 2 persons


compact full body steam bath kit


compact couple full body steam bath kit

This portable sauna also includes zippered openings where you can stick out your head and hands. So, you don’t have to worry about getting suffocated inside the tent and being bored along the process. Aside from watching TV, you can also grab your phone or a book to keep you entertained as you enjoy the soothing steam. There are also dual pockets on the front that can fit your phone, the TV’s remote control, and even a book.

2 person portable full body steam sauna


portable 2 person steam sauna


This 2-person portable steam sauna is perfect for your at-home spa treatments with your significant other or BFF

compact couple steam bath set


compact couple steam bath kit design features

It’s powered by a high-quality steam pot with a gear adjustment and temperature control for precise and comfortable heating. The steam pot comes with remote control and features a digital display, so you can easily set and monitor the temperature level and time setting.

2 person portable steam sauna pot


2 person portable steam sauna pink


compact couple steam bath kit

To use your portable sauna, all you have to do is connect the steam releaser to the pot and connect it to the tent. The steam releaser also includes a compartment for herbs and flowers, so you can incorporate fragrances into your at-home spa treatment. Afterward, add water into the pot and set your desired temperature. Finally, step inside the sauna tent, sit on the included foldable chair, and get ready to sweat a bucket!

compact couple steam bath kit usage


2 person portable steam sauna kit


compact 2 person steam bath set


2 person portable steam sauna red

This compact steam bath kit easily folds into a bag, so storing it after use should be a breeze. Plus, this means that you can bring it with you practically anywhere with electricity. Aside from offering you a more convenient and affordable way to relax, this portable sauna also does wonders in improving sleep quality, detoxification, and eliminating water weight.

2 person portable steam sauna easy storage


2 person portable steam sauna kit easy storage


compact couple steam bath kit application

One happy buyer wrote:

“So far everything has been very smooth, the installation has been very simple and I love the benefits of the sauna.”

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