15 Incredible Hollywood Tranformations You Won’t Believe


Changing your image can fill you with worry. What will your friends say? Will people think you look dumb? Will your new look suit you? Just imagine what it must be like for celebrities in the public eye. Yes, we don't doubt they've got a whole team of stylists behind them advising them along the way. However, adjusting their whole look must be a bit of a concern even for the biggest stars. Chameleons such as 'Madonna' and 'Lady Gaga' have got the transformation business down but have you noticed the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, changes other stars have made over the years? Take a look!


Jonah Hill


Renee Zellweger


Lady Gaga


Emma Watson


Taylor Swift




Kelly Osbourne


Kate Winslet



Brad Pitt


Megan Fox


Mickey Rourke


Robert Downey Jr.


Christian Bale


Chris Pratt


Jennifer Lawrence

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