14 Strange Movie Character Names You Didn’t Notice


There have been some awesome characters in movies. Mention Harry Potter or Captain Jack Sparrow and people immediately know who they are. In fact a bad name can render a movie laughable. Who would take these names seriously? Not us, that's for sure! Take a look at some of the character names below and see just how a badly-named character is easily forgotten about. Let us know in the comments if you have any other bizarrely memorable movie character names to add to the list!


'Tic'Tic' from 10,000 BC is a man not a breath freshener!



'Mayor Ebert' and 'Gene' from the movie Godzilla were named after two critics who panned Roland Emmerich's previous movies, Stargate and Independence Day.

mayor ebert and gene


'Cleveland Heep' was a character from M. Night Shyamalan's movie Lady In The Water. Was this an insult to the city of Cleveland or simply a stupid name? Nobody knows!

cleveland heep


Pirates Of The Caribbean character 'Weatherby Swan' has most unusual name ever!

weatherby swann


Who on earth would be called 'Jody Joad'? This character from Earthquake, that's who!

jody joad


Scarlett Johansson's character 'Silken Floss', in The Spirit, has a name which is reminiscent of a feminine hygiene product!

silken floss


'Knox Overstreet' from Dead Poet's Society. Enough said!

knox overstreet



Played by the actors Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, 'Jupiter Jones' and 'Caine Wise' have names almost as crazy as the people playing them in the movie Jupiter Ascending.

jupiter ascending


Bon Cop, Bad Cop character 'Harry Buttman' is a send up of 'National Hockey League' commissioner Gary Bettman!

harry buttman


The Expendables series boasts interestingly-named characters such as 'Lee Christmas', 'Hale Caesar' and 'Toll Road'!



Surely, no one would ever be named 'Rayford Steele' in real life! Brad Johnson and later Nick Cage played a character by that name in the Left Behind movies.

rayford steele


Transformers: Age of Extinction character 'Cade Yeager' sounds like the name of a YouTube celebrity!

cade yeager


Will Smith's After Earth character 'Cypher Raige' has a name that sounds like some futuristic computer virus!

cypher raige


And finally, Denise Richards once played 'Dr. Christmas Jones' in The World Is Not Enough.

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