30 Beautiful Tattoos By South Korean Artist Hongdam You Will Love

If you’re a fan of tattoos, you’re going to love this post! Here we have some very unique and creative designs that were inked on to people by talented South Korean artist Hongdam. Hongdam’s style is minimalistic, elegant and highly detailed, with each design therefore resulting in perfection.

The artist’s Instagram has amassed over 160 thousand followers, and is well worth checking out! However, here you can see 30 examples of his work that we absolutely love.
Source: Instagram

Many of Hongdam’s designs have an awesome fade effect that when compared to other tattoos, ironically stands out! 

This is a breath of fresh air when compared to other feather tattoos!

The detail is amazing considering how small some of the artwork is. Hongdam is talented, indeed. 

Isn’t it great how these tattoos can be both subtle and bold? For this reason, we are huge fans of this artist. 

Shoulders are a perfect place for a tattoo like this one…

What an adorable panda!

Simply stunning.

Getting a tattoo means different things for different people. For some, it’s no big deal. However, for others, getting inked is a hugely meaningful process. One thing’s for sure, any person can feel at ease with Hongdam as their artist. It’s a truly great feeling when you see something that you envisioned come to life, especially if it exceeds your expectations! Furthermore, with Hongdam’s unique style, you can rest assured that your tattoo will stand out from the crowd. 

This wrap around effect is awesome! Be that as it may, a snake would be a little too scary for us! 

We love this dainty style. Ironically, we prefer bigger tattoos but these have really caught our eye. 

Notice that the cat has two different colored eyes? As a result this tattoo just got 10 times more stunning! 

A unique geometric twist! 

This time progression tattoo is super creative yet wonderfully simplistic. 

We’ve never seen a rose like this before! It’s pretty much the opposite of what you usually see! 

We love how clean all of the lines are.

This is one of our favorites! Arguably, our favorite of them all. 

We think Hongdam’s work is enough to turn any tattoo haters into lovers! We cannot criticize any of these artworks, each has been inked to its full potential. Many of these designs would be great for people who want something subtle, or, that need to have something that can be hidden easily. They would also be great for people who want to get a taste for what a tattoo feels like before progressing onto something bigger. Keep going to see more awesome tats! 

We love this idea! As a matter of fact, we’re going to mentally store this image!

What a fantastic cover up.

So wonderfully detailed, for such a small tattoo. In fact, we are blown away by this! 

Ultimately, we’ll never stop loving animal tattoos! 

This type of tree is very calming yet somewhat daunting. 

In this case, the tree is perfectly placed on the spine. 

An incredible improvement. For this reason, you should really think through what you want! 

The colors used here are lovely, be that as it may, we would probably want this a little bit larger if it was us! 

One thing you should bear in mind if you’re considering getting your first tattoo is aftercare. The tattoos you are looking at look as good as they do because they were correctly cared for. Even if your tattoo is applied perfectly, not taking care of it properly could result disaster. Always remember not to pick off any bits that are scabbing and healing! Your artist should make sure that you have all the information you need but don’t be afraid to ask about anything you’re unsure of. 

Something like this would be perfect for someone’s first tattoo due to its size. 

The tones and colors in this are amazing! 

The under and over the surface tats are always cool. In fact, this could be our favorite style. 

Anyone who believes tattoos can’t be elegant needs to reconsider!

Wonderfully realistic when compared to other tattoos. 

What a cool effect! 

And, finally, the world made tiny.

Source: Instagram