With This Portable Sauna You Can Relax Anywhere

A sauna offers a myriad of health benefits including improved heart function, reduced muscle soreness, stress relief and weight loss. However, many of us just can’t take the extreme heat of traditional saunas. The solution is a portable sauna that provides the same benefits of a steam sauna but in lower temperatures.

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air inside a concealed room, this version uses FAR infrared panels to directly warm the body up. Hence, the infrared panels heat up the body before heating up the air. In traditional saunas, they have to use conventional heat to heat up the air around you. The heat would later penetrate into the body, but before that happens, you’ll need to endure the high temperature surrounding you. With an infrared heating system, the heat easily penetrates the body without the need to heat up the air. And it does that at a lower temperature (around 120°F) compared to traditional saunas (around 180°F).


Portable Sauna

portable sauna cabin

This sauna has 3 low-EMF infrared panels precisely positioned to surround the body with soothing warmth. It features a collapsible design that you can easily set up in just a minute. Just unfold the unit, plug it in and position yourself inside to enjoy the beneficial warmth it provides. It comes with a foldable canvas chair for you to sit on while using the unit. The fabric cabin has a neck collar and two zippered small openings where you can stick out your hands. And its main opening features a heavy-duty dual zipper that allows you to open/close it from the outside and inside.

portable sauna


6-Step Easy Set Up

infrared fabric cabin set up


portable sauna infrared

The heating panels are regulated by an electronic control box that you can control via a handheld controller. There are 6 automatic timer options to choose from to set the duration that is right for you. It also comes with a heated foot pad to provide an additional layer of relaxation. Furthermore, the moisture-resistant fabric allows you to use this sauna outside. So, you can bring it in the outdoors and enjoy the natural surroundings while you’re relaxing. Below the right zippered arm hole are two sewn-in pockets to hold the controller and your phone.

foldable canvas chair


heat wave remote control


dual zipper door cabin

When you’re done with your sauna session, just fold the collapsible cabin down to its compact size for easy storage and transport. With this you can reap all the amazing benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your home in the most affordable and convenient way. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I was skeptical about this when I purchased it, but I’m really happy with it. Construction is fairly solid. Heats up fast and provides ample heat, 30 minutes inside and I’d had enough. I was really surprised at how much heat it produces.”

infrared sauna back


portable sauna fabric cabin


portable sauna indoor outdoor

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infrared sauna gray fabric cabin

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