This Bookend Features Yoda Using The Force To Keep Your Books In Place

Small but powerful and wise, that’s how we describe the most beloved Star Wars character Master Yoda. The iconic Jedi master can now use the force to lend you a hand in organizing your favorite books.  If you’re a Star Wars fan, you absolutely need to have this amazing item. The Yoda bookend featuring the tiny master in his legendary pose as he appears to use the force. The slanted metal frame supports the row of upright books while the small figure appears to summon his power. As a result, it turns out as if Master Yoda is keeping the books from collapsing through his sheer power.

yoda bookend hallmark amazon

This Yoda bookend is definitely perfect in organizing your complete Star Wars books collection. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, cute little Yoda can be a charming addition to your bookshelves. Its simple design, with clean lines and single color, would fit into any type of furnishing. Take note that the metal frame can only support lightweight books. Get your Yoda bookend today!

This Yoda bookend will keep your books organized while keeping the Force alive

yoda bookend metal frame


yoda bookend back side


Get your Yoda Bookend today.