This Couple Let Their Dog Film Their Wedding Video And The Result Is Wonderful


Anyone who has planned a wedding will know that they can be as expensive as you make them. There's the venue, the celebrant or minister, the food, the booze, the dress, the photographer, and these days often a videographer, too! But, if you're keeping things simple, there's no reason you need to go overboard with everything. You could even rope in your friends to help. So, when this couple needed a videographer for their wedding they enlisted the help of their very best friend, their dog, Ryder! Strapping on a 'GoPro', Ryder filmed the wedding from a unique perspective, capturing moments in a way that nobody else could have. And, you know what? We think this is a hundred times better and more touching than anything a professional videographer could have come up with! Check it out below!


dog wedding video



dog filmed wedding



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