Ways The Struggle Is Real For Broke College Students

In some ways, being at college is one of the best time of a person’s life, in other ways it can be extremely difficult. One of the major issues is money! Although, some students can manage to study and hold down a part-time job, others have to rely on savings, loans, financial aid or the occasional handout from parents. This can lead to some sticky situations in the finance area. Here are 15 ways that the struggle is all too real for broke college students. If you’re away at college at the moment, or have been in the past, we’re sure you’ll relate! Take a look!

You’ve had to learn to be resourceful with what you’ve got.

When you have any money, you feel rich… At least you’re not in your overdraft, right?!

You don’t have enough money for groceries, but somehow there’s always money for pizza.

Even if you do have to get creative with the leftovers.

You sometimes consider packing it all in and getting a job.

None of your furniture really ‘works’.

You’re everyone’s ‘BFF’… in a way!

When the holidays roll around, you have to improvise a little with your Christmas decorations.

This is pretty much your budget all the time.

But then, financial aid comes in and you’re all like…

Forgetting it’s meant to last you the semester.

You’ve come to love cheap booze.

And you’ve got your priorities when it comes to the booze vs groceries dilemma.

Even thinking about checking your bank balance gives you a panic attack.

And then you realize that it’s all downhill from here!

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