Confessions From People Who Went Through Childhood Poverty

Childhood poverty can have a huge impact on us as it molds us into who we are today. Growing up in poverty is not an uncommon situation, sadly it is faced by many. Feelings of fear, hunger and misery can persist even when we become adults. Check out these sad but true confessions of those who experienced childhood poverty firsthand…

The effects of childhood poverty don’t always end when you grow up…

May you find peace of mind.

Life is all about choices indeed.

It’s not always about the money.

You can do it!

That’s what you call winning in life.

You earn what you sow in life.

There is hope for everyone. Hang in there.

Raising a family is never easy.

It’s all about perspective.

Heart breaking.

Thus, it’s essential to look for inspiration in life.

This is probably the saddest part of experiencing childhood poverty.

You can do it!

Dwelling on something you’ll never know seems like a waste of energy.

Not everyone can cope with the pressure.

Fortunately, not everything about poverty is bad.

To each his own.

Some things will always haunt you.

Most life lessons aren’t learned in school.

That’s right! Prove them wrong!

This proves that you can definitely change your situation as long as you’re motivated enough.