Woman Shuts Down A Scammer In The Most Hilarious Way

Most of us have had the irritating experience of being targeted by a scammer. This could have been in many different ways, including but not limited to calls, emails and even face to face encounters. Unfortunately, not everyone knows when they are being used and groomed in a scam, which is the main reason scammers will always exist and try their luck.

However, thankfully, awareness has spread and most people know how to recognize a dodgy situation. For the majority of people, if they get a scam call or email, they will simply ignore it. But, there are others out there who enjoy playing scammers at their own game. Here we have a list of brilliant images where a woman shuts down a scammer in the most hilarious way.

The scam begins…



But, the clever woman isn’t having any of it.



We love it that so early on, the scammer is being made a fool of.



This guy really wants things to move quickly…



The scammer is willing to say anything to cling on to the lady’s ‘jackpot’.



Wee Moustache is confused.



It’s funny how so many people manage to be in ‘love’ after just a few sentences are exchanged!



We don’t think Barbara is the crazy one.



Things are about to take a turn…



The scammer is even trying to call!



We love the way that the lady chose to reveal herself!



The ‘man of God’ is not impressed…


How funny is it that after all of that, the scammer still has hope? ‘Hello are you there’, some people really just won’t give up!

We urge you all to be cautious when any stranger approaches you suspiciously. Be particularly aware of dodgy emails, calls and friend requests on any social media sites. Although some scam artists are stupidly obvious, there are some very skilled people out there who specialize in manipulating innocent victims. Never share your sensitive information including finance details, property details or any passwords.