Genius Hotels That Will Make You Want To Check In Straight Away

For most of us, staying in a hotel is rather exiting. It usually means you’re going on holiday, travelling, or, stopping over somewhere for a special occasion. No matter the reason, hotels tend to make you feel relaxed as you don’t have to clean and certain things are provided for you. Of course, some hotels are more luxurious than others which can effect your experience, however, a hotel doesn’t need to be rated 5 stars to be impressive. Here we have some genius hotels that you’ll want to check in to straight away! Take a look! 

This bath fills from the ceiling!

A telephone that offers bedtime stories.

This clock has side faces as well as a front face. 

This dog policy notice is just brilliant! 

Don’t forget to steal the toiletries! 

Free raw honey for guests that’s made at the hotel’s bee farm! 

Creative door hangers. 

This lamp gives you a ‘half lit’ option! 

Every hotel should offer these! 

A mirror that has a heated part that won’t get steamy. 

This hotel offers the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ instead of Bibles. 

Great advertising! 

We’ve never seen a clock like this before! 

At this awesome hotel you kayak to your room! 

Well, we don’t know about you but some of these genius hotels have left us super impressed! Some of the things that have been shown are so simple yet so awesome. These extra touches show guests that the people and staff behind the hotels they are staying at really care about providing an excellent experience. If only we could visit all the hotels on this list and see these genius things for ourselves. One can only dream! 

Keep Going To See More Genius Hotels

This hotel uses nature to compliment its structure. 

Laundry bags with a meaningful quote. 

A special towel for taking off make up! 

You can swim over a border line in this pool. 

A menu of pillow samples so you can choose your preference! 

Rent-a-fish service for lonely travelers. 

A robot delivery service that will bring you items such as toilet rolls! 

A complimentary ducky to enjoy bath time with. 

This sewing kit comes with the needles already threaded to reduce hassle. 

The room numbers at this hotel are shadows! 

Don’t hurt the stink bugs please! 

Money off of your bill for waiving room cleaning.

This hotel covers all areas!

Indifferent toilet sign.