20+ Incredibly Relatable Situations Anyone Can Recognize

Each one of us is unique in their own way. But there are situations that we have all surely faced at some point in our lives. These are relatable situations that are so common to us that even our reactions are probably similar in some ways too.

Here are a few incredibly relatable situations anyone can recognize. Because there are things in our lives that actually prove that we humans are alike in many ways.


When you have a bite and you do this for no apparent reason:


Or when the cashier is already serving the customer behind you but you’re still counting your change:


And when you see this happen to your hand after a good bath:


You know the batteries are low when you do this:


This is totally relatable.


That feeling when you just shaved for the first time in months:


When you’re taking a bath and then opened your eyes 2 seconds later because a ghost could be watching you:


When asking for a highlighter could mean one of these two:


You realize that it sucks to be you:


Waking up after having a bad dream.


That feeling when you thought you’re done with all the dishes and then you see one last dirty thing:


When you missed a call and then call back a couple of seconds later but the person doesn’t answer:


When your girlfriend finally tells you what is wrong:


The face you make when people judge you about your decisions:


When you’re scared to death and want to hold someone’s hand:


The table behind you is being loud and you’re like:


When your house has terrible phone service:


Walking into the cinema sneaking in a lot of snacks like:


We all have that one chair.


Shopping with your girlfriend be like:


The struggle when opening a Swiss roll:


And the struggle to peel off the plastic:


And lastly, that feeling when you realize that you still have to time to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night: