You Can Get Mesh ‘Bug Pants’ To Help Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Away

There are a lot things you can do during summer, like camping outdoors and hosting barbecue parties that go on long after the sun has set. But once we hear a mosquito’s high-pitched screech, it’s all over. After all, it’s better to avoid getting bitten by summer bugs and dealing with the itchy aftermath than risking it, right? So, if you don’t want to let these pesky summer bugs get in the way of your summer fun, you’ve got to get yourself a pair of these bug-proof mesh pants!

Of course, insect repellent lotions will always come to mind when you think of defending yourself from these pesky creatures. But sometimes it’s not enough. So some people have decided to get creative in their combat against bug bites. Thanks to these efforts, we can now relax while sitting in a canopy chair that features a built-in bug guard or wear mosquito-blocking clothes! But since summer tends to get us feeling stuffy, Coghlan’s bug pants seem like the best option.

coghlan bug pants box


mesh pants


You can now wear mesh pants to protect your legs against mosquitoes this summer

A lot of people use mesh canopies or tents to protect themselves when they go to sleep during the summer. And now you can protect yourself throughout the day with these full-length pants from Coghlan! These are made with ultra-fine mesh that has 1,150 holes per square inch so no mosquito, wood ticks or no-see-ums can sneak a bite. Oh, and did we mention that the material is fireproof? So you don’t need to worry about it catching fire when you gather around the bonfire! The pants can be securely worn, since it has elasticized, drawstring waistband and cuffs. This pair of pants may look silly, but they certainly serve a great purpose!

how the mesh pants look from the side

Since Coghlan’s Bug Pants are made of ultra-fine material, it’s extremely lightweight. With these pants in your summer wardrobe, you can finally say goodbye to having to wear jeans or leggings (or “leg prisons”, as we like to call them) on your adventures in the outdoors this summer! These pants aren’t made to be snug, but there’s really nothing wrong with changing our fashion and style every once in a while, for the sake of our comfort and health.


Say goodbye to itchy bug bites with these awesome Bug Pants

Coghlan’s Bug Pants come in a variety of sizes from size small to extra-large. They’ve thoughtfully provided a size chart for your reference so you can pick which size suits you best. These bug-proof pants retail for a good price on Amazon Prime, which is a great price for ensuring an itch-free summer. They also have a matching Bug Jacket, if you really want to be safe from bug bites.

adjustable cuff detail on mesh pants

You may think that pants and jackets are unusual. But the people who’ve already bought and worn Coghlan’s creations stand by it. A lot of them are raving that the pants are an “absolute skin saver”. Many of them now consider the pants as an important part of their outdoors outfit! They’re practically an invisible barrier of protection against pesky bugs, so what’s not to love? Get a pair here.