Artist Kay Lee Creates Striking Drawings Using White Pencil On Black Paper

Minimalist, mysterious, marvelous – these are the words that best describe the artworks of Malaysian artist Kay Lee. In her series of striking illustrations, she uses a white pencil to capture light and expression on black paper. Her brilliant use of contrast and dramatic lighting allows her to use dark space to bring her minimalist drawings to life. The contrasting lines and backdrop give the drawing depth, emotion and mood, with a tranquil and mysterious ambiance.

So, the artist graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts in China where she majored in oil painting. Although she academically trained in traditional art, she preferred to work as a mixed-media artist. Her works range from drawing to painting using different kinds of mediums including digital art and public installations. While her entire portfolio is nothing short of amazing, it’s her series of black and white illustrations that really stands out.


Malaysian Artist Kay Lee Creates Impressive Minimalist Black and White Illustrations

Kay Lee uses an oil-based pencil to draw on black fine grain paper using the crosshatching technique. The textured crosshatching lines further enhance the contrast to create a more significant visual impact. Each smooth and delicate line seems to weave light to form accentuated edges with a flawless finish.


Some of her drawings are based on movies and TV shows. Here is a Game of Thrones inspired piece


While this one is based on the latest Beauty and the Beast movie


This drawing is for the dog lovers and her technique really captures the texture of fur

What makes her series of black and white illustrations more intriguing is her interesting choice of subjects. From cats and adorable dogs to famous paintings and celebrity portraits. Her artworks may be small in scale but they demonstrate a very powerful visual impact of contrast. We’ve collected some of her most charming black and white illustrations to show the magic of art. And don’t forget to follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest drawings.


Here is one of her celebrity portraits and she has really captured the features of the actress


She even creates Disney inspired by drawings!


And, these eyes are quite spooky and creepy


So, some of her art is based on iconic artwork and this is a recreation of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.


Her subjects even include flowers like this beautiful rose


And, this panda is adorable, the technique really makes the panda look fluffy and furry.


While, this one features a beautiful scene with a cat and butterfly.


The artist even creates portraits of other animals such as horses


She even experiments with different techniques to.


We think this one is amazing because the colors really show contrast and how unique her art really is


And, here is another minimal face but this one is smoother which creates a different effect.


So, this one is a more minimal version of a dog.


Here is a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh and the detail is amazing


While this one features a cute cat!


And, here is one of her more minimal drawings.


Finally, which drawing do you think is the best? Let us know!

Source: Instagram