Hilarious Jokes And Puns That Only Smart People Will Understand

Everybody needs a good laugh from time to time. Laughter is a good stress-reliever and it can also boost immunity and confidence. It is indeed the best medicine that could make our lives more cheerful and healthier. If you’re looking for something funny to laugh at, you came to the right place. Sit tight and take a look at our collection of hilarious jokes and funny puns. These great jokes will not only tickle your funny bones but will also stir your mind. Get ready to laugh in stitches.


Jokes that require a bit of intelligence

This is why we should appreciate every rotation of our planet.

This joke totally rocks!

This nut is here to catch you.

When a challenge is too impossible to conquer.

When you point it out like that, we can definitely see it.

This kind of an explosive joke is getting extinct nowadays.

These people sure can wait.

We all need our daily dose of laughter. And we’ve got you covered today. Enjoy these hilarious jokes and puns to help you get through the day.



What a way to tickle our funny bones.

Here’s another example of those corny jokes.

You certainly need to buy them first.

You should always keep your identity with you all the time.

You just can’t control everything.

People can’t help but fall in love with this tower.

Naming body parts has never been this hilarious.

The greatest spy in the world captured in one of its best disguise.

Yeah, let’s take the defense out of basketball to jack up more points.

The impact of this joke is either too strong or too weak. You be the judge.