40 Of The Weirdest Toilets That Will Make You Appreciate The One You Have At Home

There’s a Facebook group that amasses photos of the weirdest toilets you’ll ever see anywhere. Toilets With Threatening Auras is a group dedicated towards documenting loony loos that exist in this world. Thanks to this group’s efforts, we’ve discovered some toilets that will definitely have anyone peeing their pants.

According to a poll that had 2,500 respondents, people spend a large chunk of their time in the bathroom. That’s an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes a week, or over 92 days in one’s entire lifetime. And there’s no doubt that you’ll come across some weird toilets at some point in your life. It’s pretty much become a milestone at this point to find a weird place to do your ‘business’.  It’s always fun when you stumble into a unique and interesting toilet, but chances are, you won’t even make it to these toilets.

We’ve rounded up 40 of the weirdest toilets that the members of Toilets With Threatening Auras have found. Check them out below:

This toilet’s flooring is giving us Vertigo.

Weirdest Toilet Black Hole

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poo

Weirdest Indiana Jones Toilet

Did they tear down everything in this house but the toilet?

Weirdest Toilet in an abandoned house

We’re not sure if that’s the case, but this toilet looks like something pro rock climbers or adrenaline junkies in general would find entertaining.

It’s nice to know you’ve got people supporting your efforts.

Weirdest Toilet Floor

This has got to be the weirdest and most unsettling floor that we’ve ever seen. On the flip side though, it looks like the owner of this toilet just wanted to make whoever’s having a hard time in there some moral support.

Speaking of moral support, how about a captive audience?

weirdest toilet with theater seats

We’ve got so many questions. Is this toilet set inside a lecture hall? Why is the toilet in a classroom? Who in their right mind would ever do this? Did the teacher just get tired of the hall pass concept? Did the school run out of money to build the surrounding wall and door? There’s a roll of toilet paper, so it must mean that it’s actually being used… but by who!? It’s like a setting for someone’s weird and embarrassing dream.

Someone remodeled an elevator shaft into a toilet.

Weirdest Toilet glass floor

As if the concept of building a toilet in an elevator shaft wasn’t crazy enough, they decided to use glass for the flooring. We’re scared shitless, that’s for sure!

Surely no one is that small…

Weirdest toilet with microscope

It’s a hilarious gag, of course, if the man using this urinal has an exceptional sense of humor. Although, the microscope might come in handy if you need to fix your aim.

Urinals inspired by…anteaters?

Weird Urinal Inspired By Ant Eater

It’s so weird. Did the owner of this particular men’s room get tired of random pee misfires or something? Are they seriously expecting men to stick it inside this hole? Looks utterly unsanitary!

This weird toilet set up.

weirdest toilet under washing machine

While the concept behind this set-up is good, it’s just not something that should be done. Has the owner of this toilet not considered that maybe a heavy object shouldn’t be placed above someone’s head? (Or maybe their apartment is really tiny and they had no choice…)

This urinal presents an extra challenge.

this urinal presents an extra challenge

As if peeing next to some other dude isn’t already enough of a challenge. Show off your wall-climbing skills in the men’s room and show them you’re the top dog. Good luck trying to balance and pee, though. Maybe they made this for Spider Man?

Don’t you just hate finding out that there’s no more TP left?

Toilet with unlimited toilet paper

Presenting the toilet paper user’s paradise. We guess the owner of this toilet got tired of discovering that there’s no more tissue left when they’re ready to wipe, so viola. The only thing that bothers us about this is that the rolls have been put backwards… Eep!

Two words: toilet tree.

Weirdest Toilet

We’re not quite sure if this is actually a functioning toilet, but it sure gives “long drop” a whole new meaning! Weirdly enough, it reminds us of Flint Lockwood from Disney’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It’s also an awesome hideout if a zombie apocalypse ever happens. But… can you just imagine having explosive diarrhea and having to climb up those ladders? Or running out of toilet paper when nobody else is home?

Bathroom with a view.

Toilet with a view

Well, that’s one way to greet your neighbor in the morning, that’s for sure. It may be awkward but can we just take a moment to admire how perfectly aligned the bathroom door and the toilet are to the window? It’s like a framed painting… of a toilet.

What was the point of even installing a door?

Well, the good thing about it is that you can immediately see if it’s occupied. The downside is that everyone can see you trying to do your business.

This toilet’s frosted glass cubicle…

frosted glass toilet cubicle

This cubicle will only vaguely show that it’s occupied without compromising your privacy. However, it’s still bound to be an awkward situation, because people can still see you. And notice the floor drain on the lower right corner – that needs to covered up, lest some unfortunate soul gets their foot stuck.

Well at least they won’t see your face…

horribly configured toilet doors

Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night just got a whole lot scarier thanks to these dolly companions.

Toilet with creepy porcelain doll audience

Nobody appreciates being pointed at, especially in the toilet.

Someone really didn’t want to squat.

improvised toilet

Everyone’s toilet nightmare

nightmarishly flooded toiletIt’s everyone’s deep dark fear: going to a party and accidentally clogging up the toilet. And then, despite your best efforts to unclog the toilet, the water keeps rising and you’re panicking at the sight of the potential toilet water flood you’ve just created. We kind of threw up a little at the sight of this toilet.

Imagine having your peaceful toilet break destroyed by hundreds of rogue cockroaches.

cockroach infested toilet

The last step of the stairway to heaven is the trickiest.

stairs that lead straight into a toilet

When you really have to go but there’s no toilet in sight…

car toilet attachement

Mother Nature provides.

Natural Toilet in the forest

You might want to wait a bit. It’s clearly occupied.

toilet with scary bird

This bar was thoughtful enough to install a toilet dedicated for throwing up. They even added rails to support you!

weirdly placed toilet

This weird chintzy toilet makes us more uneasy than comforted.

unflushed toilet covered with satin

Someone knows how to crochet and doesn’t like cold toilet seats.

toilet completely covered with crocheting

Is the toilet getting married or something?

Lacy Toilet

Grandma dropped her dentures.

toilet removed to retrieve dentures

Find another toilet, human. This is mine now.

toilet is claimed by cat

Leela interesting place to take a leak.

toilet with futurama art

 Toilets you’d find in a spaceship’s poop deck.

How a porta potty looks when you really have to go.

the blessed portable toilet

Have a tinkle while you tinkle.

toilet for music enthusiasts

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

super secure toilet

Is this Salvador Dali’s toilet?

surreal toilet

Hopefully, no one was inside.

Portalet carried by crowd at concert

Hopefully you don’t get much of splashback when you use this blast from the past toilet.

80s inspired toilet

She sits on seashells by the seashore.

shellbombed toilet

Weird toilets are an experience by themselves. Which of these odd lavatories will you be willing to try?

Image source: Toilets With Threatening Auras