Weird Thrift Store Finds That Are Hilariously Unique

Here at Awesome Inventions, we think thrift stores are pretty great. They appeal and cater to a wide range of people and you can sometimes pick up a fantastic bargain! However, there’s also no denying that you can find some exceptional pieces of junk, too. It’s pretty much luck (or fate) that decides whether you’ll encounter something good. Below we have a selection of weird thrift store finds that are hilariously unique. Take a look!

Not all heroes wear capes!

Weird Thrift Store Finds action hero plumber


You could say… you were taking baby steps in these shoes…

This definitely seems to be a one of a kind…

Now these are brilliant! The perfect addition to any cat lover’s bathroom.

Taking being a crazy cat person to a whole new level.

Could this be the next trend?

Furry scales? It’s a no from us.

What exactly do you do with a gigantic shoe?

Handerpants! Because your hands deserve the same comfort as your butt.

He doesn’t look too happy!

A great find for a fancy dress party! Win!

Multi-functional pants anyone?

When you see it… you’re going to be laughing uncontrollably.

Just what every home needs!