30 People Share The Time Something Innocent Almost Gave Them A Heart Attack

We’ve come to a point where ostentatious scare pranks don’t scare us anymore. If there’s anything that can frighten the life out of us, it’s those that comes out from our wild imagination. For instance, innocent things that appear to come straight out of our worst nightmares. We tend to be on the alert all the time so we can perceive and avoid dangers before they could strike. However, being too cautious and sensitive to our surroundings can also put us in an unfavorable position. Due to our intense fight-or-flight reaction, we sometimes perceive even harmless innocent things as threats.

How many times have you sensed that someone is following you when it was actually your shadow that’s stalking you? How many times have you been startled by a ghost gazing through your window when it was actually just a reflection? You probably have your own embarrassing stories to share as well. Indeed, our own eyes can play tricks on us by perceiving innocent things differently in a creepy way. And when panic response starts to kick in, this little misunderstanding can really give us a heart attack.

Perfect coincidences, optical illusions, or just simple misconceptions, our playful imagination can really freak us out sometimes. We’ve compiled a list showing some of the instances where people stumbled upon terrifying scenes that turned out to be just innocent things. And we truly sympathize with these people who captured these spine-chilling moments. Take a look at these shocking photos of ordinary things that almost gave people a heart attack. And don’t let your eyes trick you.

“This Freaked Me Out. Turns Out It’s A Sunset Reflection”


Had To Look Twice


“Wife Left The Gloves To Dry, I Almost Had A Heart Attack”


“So Last Night I Was Positive There Was A Ghost Baby In The Bed With My Son”


“Cat Gave Me A Scare This Morning. It’s Paprika”


“Whoever Did This Gave Me A Heart Attack”


“My Dog Is Trying To Scare The Hell Out Of Me”


“The Snail In Our Office Fish Tank Freaked Me Out Today”


“Housemate Was Drying His Fishing Waders. Almost Had To Add The Pants I Was Wearing To The Laundry Pile I Was Carrying After I Opened The Door”


“Scared The Hell Out Of Me When He Moved”


“Gives Me A Heart Attack Every Time, But He Loves To Sleep Like That!”


“Emergency Light In The Hallway Scared The Hell Out Of Me Earlier. Meet The New Source Of My Nightmares”


“My Grandma Taking A Nap. Scared The Hell Out Of Me At First”


“Son Woke Us Up Around 3 AM To Tell Us Some Guy Was On Our Porch With A Stick. Turns Out It Was The Paper Delivery Guy With A Branch, Trying To Retrieve A Mis-Thrown Paper From Our Roof”


“My Aunt Got Her Dog Groomed. The Groomer Only Has Half Of His Right Arm. It Looks Like He’s Elbow Deep Into The Dog, And It Freaked Me Out When I First Saw The Picture”


These Bacon Slices Look Like An Evil Clown…


“That Spooked The Hell Out Of Me”


“I Bought My Wife (Who’s A Professional Photographer) A Thermos In The Shape Of A Camera Lens. It Always Gives Me A Mini Heart Attack When I See It Like This”


“My Cousin Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night, Randomly Looked At The Baby Monitor And Saw This. She Said It Scared The Hell Out Of Her”


“I Didn’t Realize My Wife Left The Kids’ Presents In The Car Until I Checked The Rear View Mirror”


“When You Walk In Your Room And Have A Mild Heart Attack”


“Someone Spilled Their Smoothie In Class, And Now It Looks Like A Crime Scene”


“This Ultrasound Photo Scared My Husband”


“Ancient Whale Bone Over Top Of What Used To Be A Well”


“I Put My Son In A Halloween Onesie Without Thinking Much About It And Gave Myself A Heart Attack At 2AM”


“My Wife Had A Mini Heart Attack As We Drove Past This House. Nobody Lives There”


“I Had A Mini Heart Attack When I Saw This. Spotted In NYC”


“Scared The Hell Out Of Myself”


“Sister Just Freaked Out, She Thought Someone Was In Her Flat. It Was Just Some Clothes Hanging Up In Front Of The Window”


“Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack Upon First Glance”