18 Weird Inventions You Never Would’ve Guessed What it’s For

Whatever technology we have today is a result from many trial and errors in the previous years. A lot have changed since then that we can’t even recognize what the inventions were and how they were used. Here are 18 Weird Inventions You Never Would’ve Guessed What it’s For.


Looks like something you would put in a science lab.

logantheredditreader / reddit

This is actually an old kind of treadmill.  Designed to help people recover from injuries by doing physical exercises.


Looking sharp.

Joshuaferris / reddit

Wonder how croissants are made? This thing can make it happen.


Does this look familiar?

Polyglot / pikabu

It may be something you think you recognize, but it’s actually a traditional Spanish Vessel for wine. You wouldn’t need a wine glass anymore because it’s used to pour it directly in your mouth.


What would you think this would be for?

Pedandick / reddit

Sold at a flea market in Belgium. It’s what doctors use in the 19th century to tie-up umbilical cords.


It’s just an ordinary key.

fesnying / reddit

It actually isn’t just an ordinary key. It’s a lock pick that looks just like a key. It’s making criminal’s life easier.


What’s half-a-starfish-shaped thing doing inside the bathroom?

KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

One way to keep hair straighteners safe is getting this protective glove.


An unknown silverware.

MikeyCarrick / reddit

It’s called a knife-pusher. Used for teaching kids to push food in their spoon or fork. People train kids how to eat in the olden days.


I have no idea what this could possibly be used for.

TinyImp23 / reddit

This little machine is for pushing corks into bottles.


Someone got this as a gift with a card saying, “Good luck guessing what this is!”

tjansson / reddit

This unusual thing is made for the kitchen! It’s used to make the perfect meatballs.


It looks like something a dentist would need.

KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

In fact, it’s a bookmark! Never lose which page you were last in ever again.


I wouldn’t have guessed what this might have been.

NV Holders

These are men’s suspenders designed by a company in Slovenia.


This one’s obviously a flower vase!

KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

Wait, no it’s not. It’s a hair pot! Women in the earlier years save their cut hair and place them in pots like these. They use it for stuffing pillows.


Is this some sort of a pocket watch?

KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

This is actually a clip attached to men’s clothes to hang their unused gloves.


This must be something useful…

KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

it’s a coconut pulp cutter!


It looks like something magical.

Polyglot / pikabu

It’s what people used before to “beat” their laundry.


Some kind of spring with a handle.

fredsub / reddit

It’s a flour duster. Usually for powdering flour on dough or powdered sugar on pies.


It looks like a wooden replica of something that can injure anyone.

DanteThonSimmons / reddit

A glass coaster that is placed on a wine bottle.


I don’t want to use this on my school projects.

red_kirby1 / reddit

Because this one isn’t really for just normal use. These scissors are  for pizza!