Essential Perks of Being Married

Sure, married life is not an easy life. Problems may arise from here and there but at the en of the day, it’s a continuous decision of loving each other and couples should meet halfway. Despite of it not being a bed of roses, there are a number of couples who chose to look at the brighter side of life and dwell on the best part of being married instead. Someone who sees you as a blessing rather than a burden is already enough, but here, we start our round up of the best parts of being married.


#1 Simple yet satisfying.


#2 Ah, the honeymoon stage is simply the best! Stay as you are, love birds.

#3 Nothing beats the power of love. As each day passes by, you get to be in love deeper and deeper.

#4 A best friend and a spouse all in one. Someone who just understands every inch of you

#5 Who would ever say no to that? After all, marriage should stay as it was like in the courtship stage.

#6 One of the best parts of being married at the end of the day could be this one. Someone whom you could call your own, in a romantic sense, of course.

#7 You know what they say, “Once you go black, you can never go back.” I think the same rule applies to this one.

#8 Your best friend as your spouse could just be the sweetest thing in your life that could ever happen to date. Let your love flourish!

#9 Who needs those dating apps and sites when you could be your own match maker.

#10 Now this is true! Love doesn’t have to fade even though you already have kids. As a matter of fact, it should get better over time.

#11 Waking up next to the person you love. Isn’t that just sweet? Better get yourself used to it.

#12 See! Marriage isn’t about losing your patience as time passes by. Rather, you learn about each other and compromise.


#13 It’s about being yourself after all.

#14  Aww.. a simple perk of married life is the fact that you laugh together even if it means laughing at silly things.

#15 One of the best things about being married is when you can act as best friends and just simply understand each other even without the use of too much words.

What can you say about these revelations? We’d like to hear from you, share us your thoughts about the married life.