22 Amazing Teachers Who Socially Distanced Their Classrooms In A Fun Way

No one would’ve thought that going back to school in 2020 would be filled with uncertainty. But these resourceful teachers came up with brilliant ways to make socially distanced classrooms less scary. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the lives of all people in a very negative way and this also includes young people. Early this year, schools around the world were closed to protect children and students from the pandemic. For months, children stayed home as part of lockdown implementation to prevent the spread of the virus.

As restrictions begin to ease despite the lingering threat of Covid-19, educators are insisting to reopen schools. Apparently, parents have mixed opinions about this. Online and virtual education was the initial proposal in most countries. However, pediatricians and educators claim that virtual education is a pale shadow of the real thing. And nothing is as effective as the traditional face-to-face learning. For this reason, national governments are making decisions on control measures to allow students to return to school while keeping them safe from the pandemic.


Teachers Are Sharing Their Creative Socially Distanced Classrooms To Make It Look More Welcoming To Children

socially distanced classrooms creative designs
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Before classes can resume, schools are required to impose strict limits on contact between students and teachers. So, physical distancing and wearing of face masks should be observed all the time. Furthermore, administrators should provide hygiene measures to everyone inside the premises. These include handwashing, cleaning procedures for facilities and safe food preparation. Considering all of these changes, the ‘new classroom’ may confuse, or even scare, children when they return to school. This is why some teachers are finding ways to make classrooms more agreeable and comfortable for them.

dad makes hand sanitizer dispenser outside classroom door
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chinese students wear wings physical distancing


socially distanced classrooms book boats

Enclosed classroom desks designed to look like cars and partitioned tables decorated to look like beach huts, there are endless ways to make classrooms more fun. Schools around the globe may even get a hint or two from these creative classroom layouts.

socially distanced classrooms beach
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So, lets take a look at some of the classrooms. The schools have done an amazing job in creating a safe and fun place even with the threat of the pandemic.



chinese students wear ancient hats physical distancing




socially distanced classrooms stuffed toys




This one is too cute! The children will probably like these more than their old desks!

socially distanced classrooms cars design


teachers deskwith protective barrier






kindergarten classroom welcoming design




Teaches have really worked hard to keep the children safe. This classroom has safe squares and items assigned to each child to use all year.





teachers prepare for school reopening




teachers prepare socially distanced classrooms


classroom layout ideas school reopening