Russel Powell Paints Amazing Portraits Of Famous Faces On His Hand Before Stamping Them On Paper


We've probably all at some stage scribbled something on our own hands. A phone number, a reminder, a shopping list, perhaps. But San Jose school teacher Russel Powell, has taken the idea of drawing on hands to the extreme, going as far as turning his entire palm into what is effectively a stamp. Powell first paints faces, typically famous ones, onto his left palm, in exquisite detail. He then presses his hand down onto paper to capture the reversed image. Of course, Powell has to paint his "hand stamp" masterpieces relatively quickly, as the paint cannot dry before he stamps it! Check out his amazing work below!

Website: pangaeanstudios


John Lennon


Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones 


The Dalai Lama



Tupac Shakur


David Bowie


Gwen Stefani


Kurt Cobain


Robin Williams


Bob Marley


Captain Jack Sparrow


The artist with one of his "hand stamps"

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