This “Spork” Is The Perfect Tool To Take Down A Bowl Of Noodles

Ramen is the perfect meal when you’re on the go. Not to mention, this instant meal is easy to prepare and super affordable, making it the mana of college students everywhere. Eating ramen is now made easier thanks to the innovative utensil called ‘spork’. You’ve probably heard about this cutlery before as a spoon-fork hybrid that combines both utensils into a single tool. Unfortunately, these spoon-forks usually have too shallow scoops and too short tines at the tip. Hence, the spoon isn’t big enough to scoop soup and the fork isn’t long enough to pick up enough noodles.

Japanese designer Masami Takahashi created a specialized utensil that offers an upgrade of the existing spoon-fork. Compared to its predecessors, the re-invented spork has a greater depth of spoon that can easily ladle more soup and longer fork prongs that can gather and twist more noodles. So, you’ll get more goodness in every scoop without making any mess. This new utensil isn’t just an improved version of the spoon-fork but more importantly, it was designed to solve the chopstick waste problem.


Spork Combines Two Utensils Into One Tool For Optimal Ramen-Eating Experience


The Sugakiya Ramen Noodle Restaurant in Japan commissioned Takahashi to design an innovative cutlery to eliminate waste caused by single-use chopsticks. The existing spoon-forks were originally created as an alternative to disposable chopsticks. However, many people find the hybrid tool not optimal for food on the go, with the main issues mentioned earlier. The new and improved spork should solve those problems.

spork ramen noodles



improved spoon-forks masami takahashi

With the success of the spork in dealing with chopstick waste problem, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) decided to adopt the design and distribute the product commercially.

As an advocate of good design and modern art, the museum seeks to help reduce waste materials from single-use chopsticks while optimizing ramen-eating experience. Offered for a good cause, proceeds from the sales will benefit the museum’s programs in backing up and promoting useful designs such as Takahashi’s creation.




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