These Jack-O-Lantern String Lights Are A Perfect Way To Decorate This Halloween

Halloween is coming and everyone will be turning their homes into the gloomiest and goriest places on Earth, but not us. If you’re more into festive mood this spooky season, rather than the dark and horrid theme, then these jack-o-lantern string lights should give you that much-needed liveliness and radiance for a Happy Halloween. You can use it to illuminate your outdoor space at night or use it to highlight décor accent pieces you wish to flaunt.

These jack-o-lantern string lights feature smiling pumpkins glowing in warm amber light that can brighten up even the gloomiest places. It has 10 smiley pumpkin lanterns hanging from a 7.5-ft string. Please note that this lighting décor doesn’t come fully assembled, which means it will require assembly on your part. But don’t worry because assembly is quite easy and simple. You can assemble and install this thing together with your kids and friends to share the fun.


Jack-O-Lantern String Lights

jack-o-lantern string lights

The set includes 10 foldable pumpkin lanterns, 10 brackets, and 10 mini LED lights built into the string. To get the pumpkins into shape, insert the bracket into the folded lantern then stretch out the lantern to form the pumpkin. Locate the two tiny rings at the lantern’s opening. Insert the bracket points into the rings to keep the lantern in shape. Apply the same procedure to the remaining lanterns.

led pumpkin lantern components


jack-o-lantern string lights foldable lanterns

When all 10 brackets are set into place, insert each mini LED light (attached to the string) into the designated slot in the bracket. Press the LED light firmly into the slot but be careful not to break the bulb with brute force. After you’ve attached all the orange lanterns into the string, you’ll need to install 2 AA batteries (not included) into the battery pack. Then you’re ready to hang it up anywhere you like.

led pumpkin lanterns assembly instruction


jack-o-lantern string lights led


halloween pumpkin lanterns

You can find the power switch at the battery pack to turn the lights on and off. Furthermore, these jack-o-lantern string lights have 2 lighting modes to match your mood. You can set the lights on steady mode to give off a charming warm glow or set it on flashing mode to keep the party alive. The lantern and the LED cable are made from waterproof materials so you can use it both indoor and outdoor. If you choose to install it outdoor, make sure that the battery pack is hidden away from the rain.

halloween jack-o-lantern string lights


halloween lighting decor

Each lantern measures 3.1 inches high and 2.75 inches wide when stretched out. They should hang 7.87 inches apart from each other on the 7.5-inch LED cable. When it’s time to store it away, simply detach the brackets from the mini LED lights and fold down the pumpkin lanterns for compact storage. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“My wife and I graced our fireplace mantel with a string of these jack-o-lanterns for All Hallows’ Eve. They add a nice glowing ambience to the season. They make super gifts too! Are actually made to last for many seasons if stored properly. Our grandchildren love them as well.”

jack-o-lantern string lights indoor decor


jack-o-lantern string lights halloween decor

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