The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Cutters

Savor the top 3 most popular characters from Disney’s Halloween/Christmas animated classic in their delectable pastry forms with the help of The Nightmare Before Christmas cookie cutters. Well, you probably have your own top 3 favorite characters from the iconic movie. But  we’re speaking on behalf of the majority here when we say that Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, and Zero are sitting on top of the list.

It’s a given that, in every movie, the main character and the main villain always end up being the most popular characters. And The Nightmare Before Christmas is not an exemption with the charismatic Jack Skellington and the trickster Oogie Boogie leading the way. Now you may think Sally, Jack’s love interest, comes in third but you’re wrong. Jack’s loyal ghost pooch Zero earns the spot and it’s obviously because of his adorable puppy-like smile and glowing pumpkin nose. This Halloween, delight your kids with yummy cookies in the shapes of Jack, Oogie Boogie, and Zero with this cookie cutter set.


Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Cutters

nightmare before christmas cookie cutters

The Nightmare Before Christmas cookie cutters let you create pastries and treats into fun characters. Your kids are going to have fun picking up Jack’s face, Zero, and Oogie Boogie before munching on them. The cutters are made of plastic featuring glowing colors to make cookie-cutting even more fun. Press the cutter gently onto a rolled-out dough to create the shapes. Then place the shaped dough on a pan to bake. After baking, you can make the characters come alive by adding frosting and sprinkles on the cookies.

nightmare before christmas cookie cutters jack


disney tim burton official licensed product

Forget about candies, we’re thinking of giving away these fun-shaped cookies as treats for the Halloween instead. We’re pretty sure trick-or-treaters would love that treat even more. Plus, this cookie cutter set is an official Disney licensed product for those who love to collect all things Disney.

nightmare before christmas cookie cutters set

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