Wouldn’t it be great if our phones could sense when we were drunk? That way many awkward and stupid conversations could be avoided. Of course, it’s great to have a way of contacting people for a ride or to let them know you are safe, but for everything else it’s pretty much a terrible idea to have a phone in your possession when highly intoxicated! The proof is in the pudding so here we have 15 funny drunk texts that will make you laugh. Take a look! 

This is both amusing and worrying. We hope that this drunk guy got help if he really did have issues! 

Ah, the classic ‘replying to your own message’ text. 

High or not that’s an interesting theory! 

How does one even attempt to bite their own nose? Our brains can’t handle this. 

Funny Drunk Texts bite your own nose


At least this drunk person tried to let their ride know that they weren’t needed anymore. That’s pretty impressive for someone who’s steaming drunk! 

This person clearly received one too many Farmville requests… 

Funny Drunk Texts dug up moms garden


We can just imagine the utter disappointment felt upon opening the box…

Funny Drunk Texts empty lunchbox


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It’s funny because the time this screenshot was taken was 3:16 am, but the person sending the messages was clearly drunk by 21:22 pm! 

Some people drunk text their exes… other people drunk text airports. 

We love drunk moms. They say the best things…

Funny Drunk Texts keep you


What a lovely ‘ploice’ man. He seems very ‘noice’. 

How to keep your drunk friend behaving in your car… give them a paper plate to play with! 

Funny Drunk Texts paper plates


It was going so well until the end… 

Funny Drunk Texts party was at your house


What a kind stranger. 

Funny Drunk Texts smoke on jacket


Sometimes we have to try and talk to people in their own language… 

Funny Drunk Texts wrong number


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