‘Egguins’ The Little Gang Of Penguins That Help You Make The Best Hard Boiled Eggs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there’s no doubt about it. And no breakfast is complete without the egg. Some like it scrambled, fried sunny side up, poached, or boiled. If you are one of those who prefer their eggs boiled, we’ve found something that will make your morning even better. Cook your eggs in the coolest way possible with the Egguins, a penguin egg cooker that allows you to store, boil, and serve eggs in one go.

This penguin egg cooker features six small figures of penguins in a circle. Each penguin has a hollow body to contain the egg inside. The penguin’s silicone arms will hold the egg in place. It has a handle on top for easy handling and transport. To boil the eggs, simply submerge the Egguins in a pot of boiling water. The penguin egg cooker will keep each egg under boiling water to get it fully cooked.

egguins penguin egg cooker

If you desire soft-boiled eggs, lower the water temperature to a rapid simmer after bringing it to a boil. Then submerge the Egguins in the boiling water and let it cook for five minutes. For hard-boiled eggs, bring water to a boil over high heat then submerge the Egguins under boiling water. Let it cook for seven minutes.

Use the Egguins to store the eggs in the fridge…

egguins penguin egg cooker store and cook

Cook the eggs…

egguins penguin egg cooker how to use

And serve them

egguins penguin egg cooker animi causa

Once the eggs are cooked, you can easily take the penguin egg cooker out of the pot by pulling it up on the handle. Allow the eggs to cool down before serving. Once empty, you can refill the penguins with eggs and place them back into the fridge for the next morning. The item is made of plastic and is dishwasher-safe, making it super easy to clean. It measures 5.78 x 4.76 x 4.96 inches and comes in a sleek box packaging.

Refill the penguin egg cooker with eggs

egguins penguin egg cooker cute design


egguins penguin egg cooker package

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