This Spartan Soldier Knife Block Displays Your Knives Like He’s In Battle

How do you display your knife collection in the most badass way? Well, with a Spartan Soldier Knife Block which will certainly be an awesome addition to your kitchen. This knife holder features a figure of a Greek warrior that you can almost hear shouting ‘This is Sparta!’. If you still haven’t gotten over the movie 300 then this whimsical cutlery holder will surely remind you of that fateful battle between the Spartans and the Persians. Indeed, Geeky has never been this cool!

The knife block comes with an ancient warrior holding a shield in one hand. The shield serves as the knife holder with six slots in different lengths to hold blades of different sizes. It is handmade by skilled craftsmen to fit standard cooking knives in various sizes. Apart from the knife holder (shield), the figure’s other free hand serves to hold a knife sharpener. Moreover, the soldier’s helmet has magnetic steel to keep the knife sharpener in place.


Spartan Soldier Knife Block

spartan soldier knife block

It appears as if the blades are stabbed into the shield as the brave soldier hurls his weapon in the form of a knife sharpener. The knife block surely makes an instant conversation starter. It is made from locally grown and ecologically sustainable solid maple and walnut wood. On its own, it measures 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.

wooden cutlery holder warrior shape


kitchen cutlery holder whimsical design


spartan soldier knife block with and without knives

The knife block also features a food safe finish. You can opt to buy the block only or the block that includes a complete knife set. The latter option comes with 6 knives along with one knife sharpener. The knife set includes 8-inch chef’s, 8-inch bread knife, 7-inch Santoku, 6-inch boning, 5.5-inch utility and 3.5-inch pairing. One happy buyer wrote:

“This is the cutest and most whimsical knife block. It’s really well made and has a good magnet in the helmet area to hold the knife sharpener. I bought this for my daughter who is studying to be a professional chef and she loves it!”

spartan soldier knife block only


spartan soldier knife block with knife set


kitchen knife set with sharpener


spartan soldier knife block fun design


300 movie inspired kitchen cutlery holder

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