This Man In Tokyo Must Be The Most Patient Pet Owner In The World After Taking A Stroll With His Giant Tortoise

It’s not everyday that you see a giant tortoise strolling down the street, but certain lucky residents of Tokyo, Japan have been witnessing just that! The owner must have mastered true patience judging by how long it must take just to go for a ‘quick walk’!

Being an African Spurred tortoise it is suspected that the owner and animal have been together for many years for them to build a bond where the tortoise would just follow diligently wherever it’s owner walks. We think this is super cute, and we definitely want one!

Giant Tortoise


Close Up

A lengthy journey for a slow paced tortoise!


This is truly adorable, not only do we love the pink outfit, but the owner with the matching bag just makes this picture perfect!

Pink Outfit

Coming through!


Source: Togech / RocketNews24