Artist Creates Characters Using The Shadows Of Everyday Objects As Inspiration

As kids, we used to play around with our own shadows by moving and holding the silhouettes into new shapes. We also loved making animal shapes by using our hands to cast the puppet figures on a wall. Belgian filmmaker and illustrator Vincent Bal turns this popular form of entertainment into a form of art with his series of shadow art illustrations. By using everyday items resting in the sunlight and other light sources, he brilliantly combines the long shadows and hand-drawn doodles to create a wide range of whimsical sketches.

The shadow of a tape dispenser turned into an elephant, a drinking glass turned into a sparkling swimming pool, a bottle of hand sanitizer turned into a genie, a rubber duck turned into a midnight bandit, a slice of squash turned into a witch – he completes the image by adding a few pen lines. Bal started making his playful illustrations in May 2016 when he noticed that the shadow of his teacup had formed a silhouette of an elephant. He then drew the additional details using a pen to complete the sketch, took a picture of his random creation, and shared it on Instagram.


Artist Adds Funny Doodles To Shadows Cast From Everyday Items

And you guessed it right! His followers loved what he did with the teacup shadow and they asked him for more. And that’s how it all started. Since then, he has been making playful sketches done within the confines of shadows cast from everyday objects. Aptly named Shadowology, his imaginative series of fantastic doodles is sure to impress the art-loving person in you.











































Here’s a greater news – you can purchase signed prints of Bal’s creations on Etsy. So, you might want to check his Etsy shop to see what it has to offer. Or you can simply follow the artist on Instagram to see his entire archive of shadow sketches and get the latest updates.

Source: InstagramEtsy