Artist Jennifer Allnutt Paints Eyes On Rocks And Leaves Them For Other People To Find

Melbourne-based artist Jennifer Allnutt has been creating stunning oil paintings on canvas since 2007. After earning a degree in visual arts at the University of South Australia in 2011, she pursued her career as a professional figurative artist. Since 2011, her impressive oil paintings have been consistently put on exhibitions at famous art galleries in Melbourne and Sydney. Recently, she has been fascinated by a new form of canvas. Instead of the traditional flat, white cotton/linen canvas, she started using rocks as her medium. She collects rocks and paints eyes on them but she doesn’t keep the rocks for herself. Instead, she returns the painted rocks to where she found them.

jeniffer allnutt painted rocks

“On a recent residency with Q Bank Gallery in Queenstown, Tasmania I began a project of transforming collected rocks into painted eyes and returning them to the landscape to be found or lost forever.”, the artist says.

jennifer allnutt rock painting eye

Queenstown was once the world’s richest mining town and there are many different types of rocks everywhere. Allnutt started collecting rocks and turns them into eye-catching works of art. Since many people have been asking her about her painted rocks, she decided to make her artworks available on her store. She works by commission so you’ll need to reach her thru email and submit your request. You can visit her website and her Instagram page to see more of her painted rocks that feature very realistic eyes.

Australian artist Jennifer Allnutt collects rocks and paints eyes on them

artist collects rocks painted on them


painted rocks eye


eye painted rocks

The painted rocks feature realistic painting of an eye that it seems to be actually staring

jennifer allnutt eye painted rocks


jennifer allnutt paints eye on rock


painted rocks realistic eye


rocks with eye painting


jennifer allnutt rocks eye painting

Source: Jennifer Allnutt | Instagram