M&M’s Is Releasing A New Sugar Cookie Flavor For Christmas

Everyone lost their minds when Hershey’s dropped its Halloween-themed offerings as early as July. Of course, Mars won’t let itself get left behind. The American confectionery company just announced a new M&M’s flavor for Christmas this year. Christmas in midsummer? We can’t help but think that these top chocolate companies are set to mess up the calendar. But we’re actually happy about it, we’re not complaining. With everything that’s happening right now, we’ll be glad to celebrate major holidays earlier than usual.

But unlike Hershey’s, Mars isn’t actually releasing its Christmas-themed candy just yet. But the company already revealed all the details about this upcoming flavor. The new flavor will be a take on the holiday-favorite sugar cookies. The candies will be white chocolate with a sugar cookie-flavored shell and a crispy chocolate center. So, it’s basically a mini cookie in a candy form. And you don’t even need to use the oven to enjoy your favorite holiday cookie.


M&M’s Sugar Cookie White Chocolate Candies


As we said earlier, the Sugar Cookie White Chocolate candy is created exclusively for the Christmas season this year. So, expect to see these goodies hitting shelves come November. Now, you may have some mixed feelings about this early announcement. The holiday-inspired flavor definitely gets us more excited for the festive season. But the waiting period would be agonizing as well. There’s no need to get upset because Mars is giving fans a chance to try this flavor ahead its release. Now on to the big question: how can we join the promo?





On July 25th, visit the brand’s official Instagram and Twitter pages for the official announcement. Simply comment on the post for a chance to win a pack of the Sugar Cookie flavor. So mark your calendars, everyone! This is our only chance to get an exclusive first taste of this holiday candies. The new Christmas candies will be available in share size packs and in larger lay down bags. November can’t come soon enough.