Aldi Is Selling Unicorn Ice Cream Cones For A Magical Summer

Mark your calendars for June 24th because the Unicorn Ice Cream Cones will be hitting Aldi stores on the said date. This enchanting frozen treat will bring more color to our summer. And when ice cream and unicorns come together, everything becomes sweeter and more magical.

The new ice cream cones by the Sundae Shoppe brand is part of Aldi Finds. This means it’s a seasonal offering and will only be available around summer. And we’re quite sure they won’t stay long in the freezer section once they’re available. Well, just take a look at this magical frozen treat. The swirls of pastel pink and pastel green ice cream with red-colored topping and rainbow sprinkles. It’s like the mythical unicorn appearing in an ice cream form.


Unicorn Ice Cream Cones

unicorn ice cream cones

The dreamy ice cream is made up of raspberry and vanilla flavors with raspberry-flavored topping. It is topped with colorful sprinkles for a more magical finish. The wafer cone is lined with chocolate so you’re going to love it up to the last bite. We know what you’re thinking. June 24th can’t come soon enough.

The upcoming ice cream will come in a 10.6-oz box containing 4 ready-to-eat cones. So, the waiting game begins now. But it won’t hurt to check the freezer section beforehand. Who knows, you might beat the crowd and find these goodies available earlier than expected.