Strange Yet Awesome Inventions You Never Knew You Needed

There are so many gadgets and inventions around us these days that it can be hard to tell what’s useful and what’s a load of junk. Here we have a cool list of images that might seem a little strange at first but give them a chance and you might just find the next ‘must have’ thing in your life! Ultimately, these inventions aren’t exactly mind blowing, but, they can definitely add ease and convenience to your everyday tasks. Take a look and feel free to let others know your experiences if you happen to own any of these items!

Make getting your baby to sleep a breeze with this 2 in 1 rocker!

crib and rocking chair in onecrib and rocking chair in one

Finally a tape that is easy to remove without grabbing a knife!

easy tear scotch tape demo
easy tear scotch tape

The ‘Kissenger’ means that you can send a real kiss to someone through your phone!


Give yourself more options for where to hang your clothes with these magnetic hangers!

magnetic clothes hangers

Take the effort out of slicing a melon with this cutting tool!

melon cutter

This phone holder would come in handy when charging your device!

mobile phone holder for wall socket

Say goodbye to spills and splatters with the soup nozzle attachment!

nozzle for a soup pot

Ensure that your pet stays dry with their own personal umbrella!

pet umbrella

Make transporting your fish easier and more comfortable for them with these portable aquariums! 

portable aquarium

Going away but can’t live without toast? You need this portable toaster!

portable toaster

Choose between salt and pepper at the flick of a switch!

salt and pepper shaker with switch

Make swimming time double the fun with this poolside climbing wall!

swimming pool climbing wall

With this 3 level grill you can cook more food at once!

three level grill for oven

These 2 in 1 glasses are a must have for party time!

two in one glass for beer and shots

This USB humidifier is so handy!

usb portable humidifier

Get the perfect egg every time with this electric egg boiler!

electric egg boiler